After a horrific dog attack in Port Stephens, New South Wales, Bruiser the koala was left unable to walk, climb, or even sit on tree branches for months.

Marsupial meets Chinese medicine – During his most recent visit to Noah’s Ark Veterinary Services in Medowie, Dr Hudson, a qualified animal chiropractor and acupuncturist,  pulls out the needles needed for the session.

“Acupuncture is no different in koalas as it is in humans,” said Dr Hudson.

“There’s the traditional Chinese medicine way, but then there’s also the acupuncture of getting structures to function more normally and that’s basically what we’re aiming to do — to restore his body’s function and allow him to heal himself.”

“We’re using it as a way to stimulate wound healing on top of the medications that we use,” Dr Hudson said. “And we’re also using it to try stimulate the healing of the tissues that have been damaged in the accident.”

Acupuncture is not only used on koalas; vets have been using it on other animals for years.

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